Divorce Investigation

Divorce is never an easy option to take. You may decide to walk out on the spouse, but a lot is left behind in the wake. That’s why not all divorce cases end up as amicably as they are supposed to. Pain, bitterness, legal entanglements, fights, all this is part of the game when the spouses separating have not got everything settled during the parting of ways. 

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divorce procedure in india
We have helped many couples with their divorce cases and ensured that they parted ways as cordially as needed. We offer a diverse range of services so that divorces never turn out an acrimonious affair to our clients.

We can very well boast of resolving many divorce cases amicably. We provide litigation support in such cases. In case of a woman filing divorce case against her husband, we ascertain – her in-laws behavior with her, their reputation in the neighborhood, social & financial status, family background, any harassment/cruelty being subjected to her, medical fitness, any bad habit, her husband’s fidelity etc.

Similarly, in case of man filing divorce case against his wife, we ascertain her fidelity i.e. whether she has affairs with any other man, if so who he is, her medical fitness, any bad habit etc.

In both the cases, we provide photo or video-graphy evidence wherever possible. In case of maintenance being contested, we provide all litigation support like woman gainful employment along with a proof.

In nut shell, we conduct investigation and thereby embolden the person by providing him/her sufficient material which may come handy as legal support to win the case.

Further, we have a team of top matrimonial detectives to solve cases of different nature and help couples sort things out within the perimeter of law. Right from checking spouses’ extramarital affairs to helping with child custody issues, we cover virtually every aspect related to divorce.

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