Surveillance / Shadowing Investigation Service

If you are having doubts on your family members or friends or partners or even your employees and you want to keep a tab on their activities then it is best for you to hire a detective agency for surveillance.

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surveillance camera
Surveillance is an investigative technique which is utilized to observe and document physical activities or associations of individuals. Circumstances arise where there exists the need to determine particular activities or intentions or identities by direct observation. Surveillance consists of monitoring an individual, site, or operation for this purpose.

We are well equipped both in modern gadgets as well as in maintaining reliable sources and contacts. We carry out the job in perfect stealth and will not allow the suspect to realize that they are being monitored. Shadowing the suspect to track all the activities during the day;night as per client requirement, maintaining a report of all the information collected; handing it over to you in the form of electronic document evidence, that may contain Visuals, Pictures, Audio & Log reports, Camera/video surveillance is a popular tool frequently used both openly and covertly. Surveillance investigators may follow a subject for days, covertly video recording their activities. We use World Class Hi-Definition cameras and all the latest equipment to capture the pictures and videos of the subjects. This is the basic course of action that we follow. Surveillance can be performed in person or remotely, depending on the situation.

Physical surveillance poses the most risk of detection since the surveillance private investigator generally must remain in close proximity to the subject without attracting attention. The investigator can also go “undercover” to get access to the area where the activity is happening, and/or to get close to the subject without them knowing they are under surveillance. GPS tracking devices can also be used to document the places a subject travels to and the routes they took

Why Conduct Surveillance?
There are a variety of reasons, from investigating crime to locating an individual, to conduct a surveillance investigation.
  • To prevent crime
  • To obtain evidence of a crime
  • To obtain evidence in civil suits
  • To document an individual's location
  • To document activities in/around a location
  • To obtain information for interrogation purposes
  • To obtain information to be used in court
How Surveillance Works

An investigator will get to know the client first, delving into their desires and expectations for the investigation. This determines the depth and means of the study.

  • The investigator will then conduct an extensive background check on the subject. Vital information includes the subject’s name, address, phone number, physical description, photograph, and local relatives. Their habits, hobbies, schedules, and coworkers are also important to note.
  • Next, an investigator will familiarize themselves with the area where the investigation will be taking place, usually via maps and pictures. Being familiar with the location during both the day and night will result in a more effective investigation.
  • An investigator will then decide on what equipment the particular case calls for and know how to most effectively use it. Some of this could be equipment specifically for investigators, like dash cameras, and other high tech spy products.
  • Preparing a plan specifically for the case is an important aspect for an investigator. This means developing a reasonable explanation for being in the area and adjusting car and clothes in order to fit in as much as possible.
  • An investigator will then start investigating, keeping in mind common sense (like don’t let the subject make eye contact, don’t park conspicuously, and don’t walk by the house more than once).
  • During their investigation, the investigator will also take extensive notes, including dates and times, in order to report to both client and court the most accurate information as possible.
This has allowed us to get maximum results in many types of investigations.You need an experienced professional to ensure that the system will not be easily detected and that the information is being collected legally.

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