Competitor & Business Investigation

A competitor investigation includes various aspects of covering details about your competitors. It ranges from finding their business strategies to any kind of illegal practices that they might be doing. For a healthy business, you need to know what is out there in the market, with whom are you competing, their strengths and weaknesses.
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competitor analysis
We understand your competitors and give you a complete background of what they are up to. We have developed specific techniques and measures to collect substantial data about Business Firm.

We will also investigate how your competitors present themselves to their customers and public in general. we will find out their advertising campaigns and social media presence under the microscope to establish how exactly they want the customer to view them. 

our competitor investigation also entails checking their due diligence and business backgrounds. we will check for you if your competitors have had any lawsuits either filed by them or against them and what the lawsuits were about . you need to know your competitors in terms of their strengths and weaknesses to thrive in business. we will identify those for you.

Our team of highly trained experts will also endeavor to establish the key employees of your competitors such as the chief executive, and other managers. We will also give you details in their partners, investors and directors. with this information, you will get a general picture of who your competitors are.  

We also carry out surveillance and field investigations on your competitors to establish issues such as their companies and factories and how they operate in terms of the condition of the employees, the times of operation, and other similar factors. we will also carry out identification and investigation of the employment conditions of your competitors and their employees to allow you have a general picture of their general working conditions. Lastly, we will give you an in depth review of their suppliers and vendors and the relationships they have with the specific competitors.  

There are 3 major reasons why you should go for competitor investigation-
  1. If your company is facing a drastic loss because of a competitor and you wish to study their strategies or what they have “stolen” from you to supersede you.
  2. To know more about their internal company structure, tactics and employees.
  3. If you are a new company in the market and want to study their business thoroughly and what has made them so successful.

Why is it so important to understand your competitors ?

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competitor in business
Well, there are always things to learn from one another, if you believe that you could alone, without anyone’s help could go further in the business, then you are mistaken. Businesses are not a one man army kind of thing, you need the support of your customers, your partners and even your competitors.

If you have a new business that has just started out maybe a month back, then you should go for competitor investigation to learn more about what your competitors are doing and how they are at the top of your industry.

Are you missing out on anything? Are they doing something extra that you could do too to grow your business ?

Understand your competitors better with a competitor investigation.  A complete and thorough competitor profiling investigation can get your hands on some solid information about their marketing tactics and strategies.

A competitor profiling investigation includes the entire profile of a competitor organization. It can be a company that has been running from a decade, and it can be as small as a brand-new startup.

We have huge database resources from where we can find out everything and anything about a particular company/organization. Apart from data bases, we have a team of skilled professionals who come from business backgrounds and completely understand the data that we track of companies.

A competitor profiling investigation includes the following things:

- Strategies that are used by the competitor company.
- Their customer profiles.
- Details about their proposals and business flow
- The insights of the competitor company

A competitor investigation is essential to understand your competitors.
  • We first research about the subject company’s profile including their customers, allies and enemies.
  • Our investigators study about their business proposals and their marketing strategies.
  • If there are any loopholes or illegal ways that they are following, we begin investigating deeper in that direction.
  • These investigators draw out information and then put it in a solid plan to get to know more about the competitor.
  • A business meeting is then fixated with the competitor company and information is drawn out using lapel mics, hidden camera, video recorders, etc.
  • A competitor investigation can give you the insights about successful businesses. You can learn a lot from their mistakes and success stories. You can literally skip the test and trial fail for your business and start implementing the perfect thing right away.
  • Grow your business by assessing a competitor company, we will provide you with all the inside data and give you documentation that can be presented in the court of law as valid proofs.

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