Employee Theft Investigation

Employee theft is probably one of the common problems faced by all kind of industries and organizations. It becomes headache for every organization to tackle with employee theft because it is not easy to identify a particular employee who is responsible for these activities.

A businessman expects honesty, loyalty, productivity and transparency from his employee. We know that to run a business effortlessly is not a one man task. It requires a proficient management team and board of directors so that they can set their business agency unanimously.

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employee theft prevention
Sometime you don’t get offended by your competitor but you get ditched by your own employee. The matters of employee theft have become trouble for business and sometime it is tedious to identify the person responsible for stealing information and valuable items.

Therefore if you doubt that one of your employees is involved in stealing activities then it is necessary to take preventive steps. We will plan a standardize strategy to trace the guilty employee. When you get real defaulter then you can impose penalties and take legal action on him.

Employee theft has become a big reason of loss in business so it needs to be detected on time. If your articles and valuables are being stolen then it is time for investigation. Due to employee theft business owner has to compensate with extra production and expense. After re-production and expenses the price of product increased naturally. When price increased then there is complete possibility to de-growth in sales, customer and revenue which result out a loss to the company. 

So many organizations take this case casually which turned out to be disaster for their business. Since you are not expert and you don’t know the real tactics to catch that wrongdoer then you need a professional support and we are the best alternative to get you free from employee theft in your organization.

Reaching harm to employer by stealing is immoral as well as intolerable. When it is found that your employee is not loyal to your company you generally make a mind to call the police, but sometime you will set up an internal inquiry to collect the accurate information and evidence against the culprit in order to maintain the professional relationship and reputation of organization. By hiring us, we assure you that you don't have to suffer a lot because our tram has experience to deal with this kind of cases and you will get results in required time frame.

We make sure that the investigation which we start as per your request for employee theft will be totally confidential and structured. We believe in scientific and tech savvy approach for investigation therefore we use latest technical equipment, videography, sound recording, surveillance investigation, GPS tracker etc. We assure you that during the investigation your business won't get disrupted. We monitor each and every employee's activities and handover all the reports to you. 

So If you have any doubt in any of your employee, if his/her activities are suspicious then don't wait and contact us we will definitely find the suspected to convicted employee and handover to you. 

Pre Employment Investigation

When you run a business you need a qualified team which can grow your business. There are so many job portals which provide you candidates for your business. When any candidate come for interview in your organization then it becomes necessary to cross check all his/her details which is mentioned in the CV. Because we have seen that there are more than 30% cases in which the information provided by candidates are wrong or overstated. We in Mumbai are specialize in operating pre-employment investigation to get the real information of employee.

We investigate about previous organization name, employee job profile, duration of job, Reason for leaving job, temperament of employee, academic qualification, professional qualification, experience letter, pressure handling capacity, time management skills, honesty etc. Our investigation agency makes sure that the right applicant should get the job and fake applicant gets rejected. If you mistakenly selected wrong candidate for your organization then it will be risky for your business because unqualified candidate can ruin your business which impacts badly on your clients.

Our experienced verification specialist crosses check the information described in the CV of candidate. We also investigate about the past employment statistics. While operating pre-employment verification, we cross check qualification, past work history, candidate skills, knowledge and other important details of employee. This pre-employment verification is helpful of organization because by doing that they can get the right and deserving candidate for their organization who will be future asset of human resources for their company. We make sure that your business growth with top most height and the applicant which go through with our scanning will be elixir for your organization.

Post Employment Investigation

Going with Post Employment Investigations is as important as Pre-Employment Verification for business owners. A Post-Employment Checks will allow you to conducted validation checks at regular intervals throughout an employee’s term of tenure. This will help you to check for the honesty of the employee, their office hour contribution and so on. In this way, you will be able to know the reliability and honesty of your business employees in an easier way. We, at Hard Evidence Detective, make you aware about all their past activities and thereby assist you in taking the decisions for getting them with your business as an employee or not.

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