Corruption and Power Abuse By Govt officials and Police

As an Indian citizen you deserve and have the right to expect corruption free service at various local, state and Central Govt offices. In addition, you have various laws and complaint mechanisms at your disposal to report, record and fight corruption free of cost on your own. You have a right to be heard and treated with dignity and without fear of personal revenge from the Govt officials or Police Officers. But often the experience in these places is quite the opposite.

Corruption often comes up unexpected when you are not prepared in advance to take action and reacting emotionally causes more hassles as the corrupt person mistreats you even more. In addition, in Police Stations, the complainant is often treated as criminal would be treated or as if the public is inferior and worthless compared to them. 

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bribery prevention of corruption act
Sometimes, even the Police commit crimes like wrongful confinement, demand for heavy bribes to register complaints, wrongful arrest, false counter charges, intimidation to withdraw complaints, police brutality, serious physical harm, and legal abuse of power by making false complaints under sections like IPC 353 & 332 to deter a persistent or strong person from going further with their complaint, due to reasons best known to them. Due to recent amendments made in June 2018 in sections 353 & 332 of IPC, they are now non-bailable and sessions court triable, due to which Police can mercilessly apply such sections falsely to deter complainants whom they do not want to entertain for a variety of reasons. In such cases, where the Police or any other government employee themselves frame you, you have to first spend more than 7 days in Judicial Custody, hire a lawyer and get bail and only then do you get a chance to present your side of the story. All this is completely apart from the original complaint for which you first approached the Police, which now becomes a secondary matter.

If you have grievances of corruption and misconduct against Govt or you know of corrupt Govt officials and are willing to complain, under your name, against a particular official, we can help you in matters such as gathering evidence, filing complaints and following up with the appropriate authorities like Anti-Corruption Bureau, Commissioner of Police, Superintendent of Police, Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority. In cases where none of the above primary methods seem to work, we can assist you with our legal experts and advocates to file a private complaint with a Magistrate under section 156(3) of CrPC.

If you have become a victim or fear that you will become a victim of police brutality and abuse of power in the above mentioned ways, we can assist you in providing safety and precautions using legal methods, while also assisting in filing your primary complaint. It is important to note that we can only provide assistance and guidance, and cannot become party in your cases, nor can we give guarantee of behavior of all police officers depending on your interactions with them. If you carefully follow our instructions and guidance, including preparation of complaint letter with gathering of evidence, you will be able to avoid such trouble and will be successful in filing a complaint.

In addition we can assist you in obtaining CCTV footage of relevant premises of Govt offices including Police Stations where permitted by law with a valid reason.

As a follow up of above procedures, if the concerned authorities do not perform their duties motivated by corruption or due to negligence or any other reason, we assist you and guide in taking action against such official or officers provided you are willing to pursue the case with commitment, by complaint under your name.

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