Legal Aid and Assistance in Charge Sheet / Court Case Matter

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chargesheet filing
In a criminal case, once the investigation is completed according to the Police, they file a Summary report in case the charges are found baseless or false or they file a chargesheet if they find the the charges to be valid.  Both the complainant and accused have a right to obtain a copy of the chargesheet free of cost. We can help you get this copy of the chargesheet and analyse the contents of  the chargesheet and explain it to you so that you can be better informed about the legal status of your case.

Sometimes such analysis reveals incomplete investigation, incorrect or baseless charges, excessive irrelevant documents wrongly attached as evidence to make the case appear bigger than it actually is, or contrarily, absence of crucial evidence which was submitted but not included in the chargesheet.

Sometimes crucial evidences or facts get omitted by mistake or are suppressed deliberately from the chargesheet by investigation officer due to various reasons. We can help you obtain such information using RTI applications.

Based on such findings further action could be taken depending on the case, such as complaints to higher authorities, RTI applications to reveal any mismanagement or violation of codes or procedures and the same can be presented as evidence in court to support your case. We can help you with advise and with drafting of letters, complaints and petitions for above situations.

We can help you obtain the following certified documents from the court or police using RTI or legal procedures through our expert legal team :
- Bail order
- Police / PP Say
- Roznama
- Judgement / Order Copy
Any application Copy

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