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As Indian citizens, you have no need to seek anybody's help to file a complaint of any kind with the Police. It is your right and the duty of the Police to ensure that your complaint is taken properly as per your grievance free of cost.

However, in practice, sometimes assistance from an experienced legal adviser can be helpful, for eg:

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police complaint
1. Since the first complaint by the complainant carries extreme importance in the court,  interference or mistakes by the Police due to miscommunication or any other reason can cause mistakes in the statement in the FIR to go against the complainant's case or claims in court. 

2. Depending on the complaint there may be certain aspects or details that are crucial and should not be missed out, like date, time, location, details of accused persons, their appearance, witness, and so on. Based on wrong or incomplete information in such cases, it is even possible that the Police may apprehend the wrong person and thus inadvertently cause double injustice - to the complainant and the wrongly identified suspect.

3. Some officers of some Police Stations might neglect certain types of complaints due to officer personal interest or  lack of knowledge, lack of integrity, earlier disputes in police stations or any such other reasons of the complainant.

If you hire our services, we can help draft complaints properly from higher authorities to local police station or any other local authorities to avoid above problems, along with gathering evidence to make your case legally stronger and valid and use appropriate legal language and appropriate sections of applicable laws so that the complaint carries weight in court and future proceedings.

Due to CCTV cameras being common everywhere, it is possible that some or all of the criminal activity has been recorded on private or public CCTV cameras. We can help you obtain such CCTV footage legally and take steps needed to make it admissible as evidence in your case, wherever feasible.

In case there are audios, videos in your mobile or screenshots of social media available with you which help to support your case, we can help you present them in legal proceedings in a proper legal format.

In case of serious crimes, we can help you with immediate assistance to do some or all of the above.

In case of lesser crimes or old crimes, we can help you with complaint application format and evidence gathering so that the complaint is given its due importance by the Police / Investigation Officer. 

In most legal matters, a certain amount of patience is required due to various independent persons and institutions being involved at every stage. Please respect this fact and the due process of law.

While doing the above procedures, we do not break the law and cause legal  issues for the complainant or for ourselves. 

Please do not approach us with false cases as we follow the procedures as per law and we will not help out in such illegal activities.

Kindly note that these are legal assistance services and that under no circumstances will we be involved directly in the case on either side as a party or witness. However, we will be able to support you with our advice and expertise throughout the case from start, right through court procedures such as hearings, trial, discharge, appeal, and so on, through out network of advocates, depending on the case and authenticity of the complaint or case. 

We may verify independently or verify directly with you, the authenticity of the case and withdraw our assistance at any time, upon finding evidence that points to misrepresentation of facts to us, including your own identity or the identity of anyone involved in the matter.

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