Blackmail & Extortion Threat to File False Rape Case

With the rise of communication media on smartphone apps, social media and internet, and many men and women seeking pleasure or relationships online, criminal minded people have started using technology to do "sextortion". 

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extortion complaint 
Criminal minded men secretly record conversations or videos of women whether related to chatting, phone calls, sexually explicit messages, images, videos and even acts of consensual sex and then extort money or sex on the threat of publishing such content online to defame the woman and cause her to lose face and face shame in society.

Similarly, criminal minded women use the same type of content to threaten similar character assassination of men, as well as due to strong laws, threats of false molestation and rape cases. Women especially target rich men with lustful messages and then use such material as evidence to threaten filing of criminal case under sections for sexual offences, and on this threat extort money or other favors.

Several such criminals are habitual offenders who follow the same pattern of using secret videos or sex related content to extort money as their modus operandi. Such people do not stop if you merely avoid them or stop picking up their calls. They sometimes follow through with their threat of making videos public or of informing their partners or family, and, in the case of criminal women, filing false cases alleging offences like molestation, rape, rape under the influence of drugs and intoxication, kidnapping, murder threats, etc. We can help you prevent further problems from occurring in your situation so that you do not end up taking wrong and extreme measures.

As per the laws of India, you can directly contact the police with your complaint and have them help you free of charge. If police investigate your complaint correctly the accused can be arrested under the Indian Penal Code Sections 388 (extortion by threat of accusation of an offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life, etc) and 506 (criminal intimidation)

However, if you are not confident about working directly with the police by yourself, and you feel hesitation, or you feel that you need support or that you need proper legal advice before or during such complaint, you can contact us to assist you. In addition, you can also utilize our services to coordinate with the police to catch your criminal red-handed so that you can make an air-tight case against the culprit who is harassing you by extortion.

As a basic principle of the profession of investigators, we do not reveal any confidential information and data under any circumstances, except as required for cooperation with the Police and as per order of court.

The following are some media links to reports of cases where the police have caught criminal extorting money using sex as blackmail weapon from various states of India:

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