False Rape / Molestation / POCSO Case Investigation

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false allegations law
According to Indian law, sexual offences against women and children are taken very seriously and are considered heinous crimes of serious nature. After the Nirbhaya gang rape case in New Delhi, the laws are made even stricter for protection of women and such that a potential woman victim does not feel even one bit of hesitation while filing a complaint of sexual offence. Due to this, unfortunately there is a bias against the male rape accused or suspect which is seen in the behaviour of police and in legal procedures. Going against the standard legal principle of "innocent until proved guilty", in sexual offence allegations, the burden of proof is shifted to the accused and he is presumed guilty first. Bail for accused in such crimes is not easily or quickly obtained and the accused often has to spend months to years in Judicial Custody where other prisoners humiliate rape accused. 

While strong legal measures are needed for genuine rape victims, crooked women can use this protection and bias in the legal system to blackmail men and even imprison them to make them bend to their demands or to take revenge. Over the past few years the number of false rape and molestation cases has skyrocketed and now it has become a trend for crooked women to honey trap men into having consensual sex or being close even without having sex and using salacious chats or emails to claim that a man raped her.

Very often the Police do not bother to check and properly investigate before arresting someone. Normally a person can get Anticipatory Bail if they suspect foul play or mischief by either the woman or the Police or both in collusion. However, often Police do not even notify the suspect but conduct surprise arrest by arriving at their home or office so that the accused cannot even get Anticipatory Bail. It is a common tactic for the Police to call someone to the Police Station giving reasons of clerical work or minor complaints and then suddenly arrest under serious crime charges. Hence, never go to the Police Station when summoned, without your lawyer accompanying you. If you suspect foul play from anyone, you should first ask for advice from lawyer. You can even contact us.

Neglecting the above can cause the man to spend months in Judicial Custody or spend lakhs of rupees on expensive lawyer fees including other expenses just to get Bail and come out of custody. All of these can happen just because you associated with the wrong woman, with or without sexual or romantic relationships.

The same pattern is also adopted by crooked people who use their children as false complainant in POCSO (Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act) to bully, imprison, blackmail or defame their enemies because even in these cases, Bail is not granted easily.

Molestation allegations are a bit less risky because the accused can get bail easier than in the above cases but they are equally damaging to the reputation of a man. On mere allegation, many men have lost jobs with neither police cases filed, nor an evidence.

We can help fight this power of empty and false allegations if you have evidence of any kind. Often publishing of evidence before a case is filed can save the reputation of the person. The lady had to take back her public allegations when he proved that she was making false claims.

If such case is filed against you, we can help you to fetch and/or discover evidence to the extent that such evidence exists, whether or not you are presently aware of it. We will first need to scrutinize your case papers and facts, after which we can guide you on the right course of action. We can also help you draft complaints to higher ranking police authorities so that the case does not go to trial and is closed as false or baseless, if the facts and evidences support it, under A, B or C summary by the Police. 

We will discreetly investigate the facts of the case without influencing or contacting the fake victim in any way so that no laws are broken, no crime is committed and no legal liability is produced for you. We can help obtain certain information such as mobile phone call data records and location records legally through applications to the court U/s 91 of CrPC by praying to the Hon'ble Judge to direct the Police to extract such records. 

Kindly note that we do not indulge in criminal activities such as obtaining CDR of anyone without court orders as that is a criminal offence under IT Act and IPC 420. Hence we cannot help out with CDR data in private investigations where Police or Court is not involved.

Please note that this is strictly for cases of false allegations and if we find at any time during our interaction that is unclear that this is a false allegation and that there is a real possibility that a sexual offence has been committed, we will immediately withdraw our assistance as we do not support criminals in any way. 

If a crooked woman has filed a false rape case against you, apart from helping you in the process of getting cleared of the charges, we will also help you file a complaint against such a woman under sections 182, 193, 211, 388, and other relevant sections depending on the case, where such crooked women can be punished for upto 7 years or more.

Here are some of the links of reports of cases from different states of India where woman making false rape complaint has been punished:


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