Illegal Commercial Trade

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illegal shop complaint online
In society, we often that near our residence or work place there are several businesses operating illegally by breaking various types of laws, regulations and causing social nuisance and criminal problems. 

As an Indian citizen you have the right to complain about these businesses and their owners to relevant authorities and to the relevant police station, and those authorities are duty bound to hear your complaints and act on them if they find the complaints to be valid, free of cost. As an aware and alert citizen you can take up such matters yourself.

However, if and when you find that the authorities are not taking your complaint seriously or not doing something where quick action is required, or if you do not know how to go about the process of taking legal action, you can contact us to assist you in filing such a complaint. Note that we provide legal assistance and guidance, but we cannot become the complainant and therefore it has to be your initiative and commitment. We can also help you gather evidence to support and strengthen your complaint. In some cases and under some circumstances, we can also assist you in protecting your identity in case there is serious risk involved in complaining against some illegal business. Note that this is the norm and is the exception, so hiding your identity can only be done in special rare cases, where the relevant Govt authority or police agrees to act on anonymous complaint or agrees to keep your identity private. In such cases, however, we can only assure that your identity will not be leaked from our side and we cannot prevent anyone else, including yourself from any act which intentionally or unintentionally reveals your identity.

The following is a list of some of the illegal activities we can help you Investigate and fight legally :
  • Child Labour
  • Danger from mismanaged gas cylinder of Street food Hawkers 
  • Unhygienic or contaminated food 
  • Businesses without proper registration and licenses from FDA, FSSAI, Fire Dept, and Municipal corporation. We can also help verify paperwork of any business
  • Illegal shops causing nuisance
  • Pan shops, butcher shops, Near Schools / college 
  • Suspicious activity in enclosed space in the name of trading
  • Businesses and activities causing pollution
  • Drug peddling and sale of narcotic substances
  • Any type of illegal traders


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