Pending old / Current Case Followup through RTI

With the help of the Right to Information Act, 2005, any Indian citizen can approach the concerned authorities with an application for specific information relating to their grievance or case. RTI can also be filed online through various online RTI portals with local, state and central government. This is a very cheap but very useful service provided by the RTI Act.

However, in practice, it is often found that the applicant does not ask proper questions for specific information and due to which the first reply sometimes contains a rejection or does not contain the relevant information. 

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rti application
In order to prevent such problems, we provide consultancy and services to file RTIs seeking the right information from the right authority depending on the case. We also guide through a process of RTI appeals if at first the request is rejected, or found lacking the information rightly deserved to be given. 

The RTI Act also has a provision for inspection of documents in certain cases, which can be extremely helpful in legal matters as unknown hidden aspects or facts can come out hidden in a big pile of papers and files. We can assist you with such RTI inspections as well.

Sometimes based on the answers and information contained in the reply to an RTI request, it might be clear that more relevant and useful information can be and needs to be obtained. We can help you through this entire process of multiple RTI requests to get all the necessary information for your legal requirements.

The true power of RTI Act is seen when you need crucial information related to some case or procedure, but a Govt employee such as an Officer, a Clerk or even a Police officer verbally give you wrong information, due to various reasons. If you suspect this to be the case, an RTI can reveal in written form whether or not the Govt employee misguided you and can also give an idea of possible ulterior motives. Sometimes the written facts from RTI act directly expose the concerned official and his verbal falsehood.

In several cases, where police investigation is in progress, the reply to RTI can contain an excuse saying that due to investigation being in progress they cannot reveal information in response to the RTI. This is not legal or valid in some cases. In cases where this is not valid and therefore can be remedied, we can assist you in drafting applications or complaints in this regard to approach higher authorities so that you get the information which you have a right to obtain through the RTI act and its provisions. However, in some cases, it might not be possible and there we might not be able to help you in this particular problem, but we can help push the process of investigation forward through legal means and procedures available to us.

At our discretion, we may choose to not assist you if we find that you are using the RTI service and our assistance to do illegal acts in the future, for example, extortion and blackmail. If you do use any information or assistance from us for illegal purposes, the responsibility will be your own as we are strongly opposed to breaking the law.

The entire process will be on your name and we are only legal aid and assistance providers, and will not get involved in any of your legal matters.

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