Undercover Secret Sting Operation

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Sting Operation in India
In daily life, we face corruption apart from Govt and public offices, in private institutions. Often individual person use their special power or position to earn money illegally by demanding bribes or favours. Because these offices do not come under Govt or public regulations, it is very difficult for a normal Indian citizen to fight this type of injustice as often times the higher-ups in the private institution are also involved in such scams or schemes.

In such a case, evidence is required to expose the scam or person demanding a bribe. Collecting such evidence is generally difficult, but we have a team of expert detectives who can do such evidence gathering in order to expose a criminal activity or clear injustice.

Our legal expertise is also of help by way of helping you file a complaint under your name with the evidence (documents, video, audio, etc) which we have gathered and then follow up such complaints with the concerned authorities, including, if necessary, Police.

Examples of such criminal activities:

  • School / College admission donation or favors which are illegal
  • In case of criminal activities inside a business premises like factory, petrol pumps, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, service centers, schools, spa, Film / Television casting couch, upon suspicion by the owner or management, after written authorization, we can pose as workers, professionals, clients, etc and capture evidence and identify the culprits and unmask the scam or conspiracy.
  • Certain groups in society, working without a name or working as NGO or trust or association carry out illegal or criminal activities behind a innocent looking facade. Depending on the people and activities and the seriousness or magnitude of the crime, we may be able to become a part of such group by posing as a sympathetic new joiner and gain their trust and become part of the group. After doing this we might be able to get a lot of inside information about the criminal activities and produce evidence of the same. Following this we can either publish an expose with a journalist institution or take legal action and assist you in filing a criminal complaint with the Police or concerned authorities.
In addition to these private or social groups, we are always ready to take cases of Govt officers asking for bribes. We can help in recording interactions, doing a sting operation, on such corrupt officials either before or after you have been asked a bribed or before or after you file a complaint. 

In all cases we will need your prior written permission with purpose, detailing the criminal activity to be captured, so to engage in recording interactions or other such activities as this is a service provided and we personally have no interest to take on legal liability in your matters.

We assure you that all information gained and gathered during such activities, as well as the fact that you have hired us for any services at all, will be kept 100% confidential unless you wish otherwise to publish it, or unless it becomes subject to a legal process where revealing details becomes necessary by police or court orders.

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