Go Viral On Social Media & Expose Injustice for Immediate Action

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viral videos social media
We read from the newspapers daily, that there are many cases of injustice or crime where the system fails the victim and the crime is either secret, or if it is not secret, no authority takes action against the criminals because there is not enough political or economic gain for anybody in the system to complete the process of giving justice. Sometimes the criminals are connected or legally escape due to some fine print or on a technicality, in an issue that is great importance or causes great shock to society.

In such cases, we can help gather audio/video and other documentary evidence of the crime or social evil and make it go viral on social media so that it becomes a talking point among the media and the concerned authorities are forced to take quick action.

We can perform all functions of a journalist such as to interview victims, record interactions with criminals, gather opinions of the general public and present the particular incident or general trend of crimes or social injustice in a proper documentary format. We can then post such videos online to raise awareness of the incident or trend and keep pushing it online till concerned authorities take action. Sometimes it is necessary for awareness that global audiences see and understand the video. In such cases, we can add English subtitles and relevant commentary after doing research so that the issue is raised at the highest levels and reaches out to maximum people, opening up the possibility of assistance from outside media or institutions. 

In specific cases, we can make specific video evidence clips viral so that a specific crime is redressed and given justice.

While choosing the social media platforms, apart from posting it to the top media like Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc, we also take care to do the ground work and find out subject-related groups of influencers who are followed by large numbers of people pertaining to that subject or field and to focus on those individuals or organisations for maximum effect. For example, in case of a fraud or financial injustice, we will focus on groups of CAs, lawyers, banks, etc. In case of counterfeit online products we can focus on e-commerce influencers, competitors, popular product reviewers, consumer activists and so on. We can also submit content to go viral to online newspapers, discussion forums, and to the mainstream print media and their online wing.

It is important to note that in all these cases, we will be there to assist and do the task under your name and will only do these activities as long as they are legal and with your written permission, through your genuine social media accounts, since we do not entertain criminal intentions such as defamation and the consequences of social media harassment on anyone. In sensitive cases, we might request you to do the posting yourself, despite having written permission from you to access your accounts. 

Please understand that we are a service provider and so we operate within the law and legal principles.

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